Sponsor Post: Energize your fitness goals at Orangetheory Fitness

Are you struggling with your New Year’s fitness goals? Looking for a new way to burn those calories? Orangetheory Fitness just may be the answer to your prayers.

Nestled in the Southern Palms Crossing Shopping Plaza in Royal Palm Beach, the newest Orangetheory Fitness studio is causing quite a buzz.    According to CEO and co- founder of the Orangetheory concept David Long, “The response (to the studio) has been phenomenal. “Royal Palm Beach is a great community that needs a fitness studio like Orangetheory.”

What is the theory behind Orangetheory?

Orangetheory is not your ordinary gym. Clients participate with highly skilled trainers in specially designed workouts that consist of 30-60 minute intense interval training sessions. Cardio sessions include running on treadmills or using the water rowers. Strength training session may involve free weights, TRX bands, kettle bells, bosu balls or medicine balls.

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Orangetheory is unique in that it combines two concepts: high intensity interval training and group fitness training. Clients can expect to burn even more calories due to the Excess Post–Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) that comes from intense interval training.   The result?  A stimulated metabolism and a feeling of increased energy that lasts throughout the day.

Group fitness advantage

Clients at Orangetheory have the unique experience of working together as a group to achieve their fitness goals. Group classes are capped at 24 participants, and there are no minimum participants in any class. There is a healthy camaraderie, and Long believes that this an extremely beneficial atmosphere: “It absolutely gets people more motivated, “ he says. “We have a great sense of community at our studios.  “It’s also a great environment for friends, couples, families and co-workers. “The energy is contagious.”

Orange = Energy

The atmosphere is everything.  With highly-trained fitness instructors, energizing music and group camaraderie, it’s no wonder that Orangetheory clients are some of the most motivated students anywhere around.  Workout sessions are never boring as clients are consistently challenged with new routines on a daily basis. Weight loss contests and awards given to clients who have achieved increase fitness prowess are part of the Orangetheory power package.

Where to sign up?

If you’re thinking of giving Orangetheory a try, click here to print a free guest pass, or see their website for pricing information.  Be sure to check out the Orangetheory video and slideshow on the left.

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