The Basics of Sensual Massage Moves

The Basics of Sensual Massage Moves

As you and your partner become more confident in sensual massage and accustomed to what you both like or don’t like, you can experiment and use your intuition to create massage sequences. However, to get you started follow the preliminary tips below.

Pressure And Rhythm

Practice running your hands over your partner in various ways. Use the flats of your palms, feather lightly with your fingertips, and press with the heels of your hands. Experiment with pressure and rhythm – hard and light, fast and slow. Become familiar with your partner’s body, molding your hands around contours and slowly exploring. Don’t think about what you are doing, allow your hands to move instinctively. To enhance the experience of sensual touch close your eyes and ask your partner to do so also.

Massage Positions

Try out different positions such as kneeling to the side of your partner or at the top of their head when massaging the back, or by straddling with one knee on either side to massage the back or chest.

Part of the fun of sensual massage is discovering which techniques make you feel sexy and relaxed and which strokes cause sexual arousal. This will ensure that you both receive the full benefits of sensual massage.

Warm Hands

The shock of cold hands applying oil onto the skin will not have the desired effect of arousing your partner. Warm your hands before applying massage strokes by washing them in warm water and drying, or by placing your hands on a towel over a radiator, or simply by rubbing your hands vigorously together.

Warm up the massage oil blend before applying to the skin by standing the bottle or bowl holding your blend in a larger bowl of warm water for five minutes.

While the massage oil is warming, perform these preliminary exercises to warm up your hands and avoid injury during the massage. Rotate your hands in clockwise circles from the wrist and then anti-clockwise. Flex your fingers by alternately curling them into fists and then stretching them out a few times.

Words Of Caution

While it’s fun to inject spontaneity into your love life, try not to massage immediately after a large meal as this may cause discomfort around the back, chest, and stomach. And while drinking alcohol can help to relax, it is best not to drink too much before a massage as this might make you or your partner feel ill.

Check Your Mood

There’s no point in creating the right ambiance if you haven’t taken the time to prepare yourself for a sensual massage. How you are feeling will influence the message that you give to your partner. Never massage when you are feeling anxious, stressed, or distracted as your partner will sense these emotions and neither of you will enjoy the experience. Aromatherapists and masseuses often “center” themselves before performing massage therapy by sitting or standing quietly for a couple of minutes, while deeply inhaling and exhaling the breath.

After Massage

Have a couple of glasses of water in the room for you and your partner to drink after the massage to replace the fluids that have been drained from your bodies and to avoid dehydration and nausea.

Don’t sit up too quickly after receiving a massage as this may cause dizziness. Breathe deeply for a few minutes and then get up slowly.

Avoid taking a shower or bath for at least two hours after the massage as this will wash off the massage blend and prevent you from receiving the full therapeutic benefits of the oils.

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